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    I am Tamara, a single mother born and living in Ukraine.

    Currently I and my two little children, Ivan (5) and Igor (3), are fleeing from our village in Ukraine to save our lives but we’re stuck in a refugee camp because of visa obstructions.

    Please help me and advise me what I can do.


    Hello! I am Valentyna. I’m a refugee from Ukraine, and now I live in Germany.

    My daughter, granddaughter and I lived in a two-room apartment in a five-storey building in Mariupol. In March 2022, our home was destroyed because of the war. In the state service centre, I registered my destroyed apartment, but nothing happened. Now the city is being run by different authorities. I am far away and worried. I have the documents proving the apartment is mine. I do not know what I need to do in order to avoid losing my right to the apartment.

    Please help me.


    I am Svitlana, a 32-year-old teacher from Ukraine. I have two small children and used to lead a pleasant life there.

    Then, on August 22nd, I had to flee Ukraine to save my children and begin a new life. I arrived in a small town in Germany. The problem is that the waiting times to get a visa are extremely long. I am therefore stuck in a refugee camp, waiting for the next steps.

    Do you think you can help me?


    I was registered as a self-employed person in Ukraine and received temporary protection.

    Now, I need assistance with where to register to receive some financial support, as I have lost all of my income. I would like to ask whether in the future I can do business with a refugee status both in the new country and in Ukraine at the same time.

    Many thanks, Oleksiy.


    I applied for legal aid after I found accommodation in Germany through a popular website for arranging accommodation.

    The person offering the selected accommodation asked me to go through a verification process, referring me to a fake website, through which I also made a rental deposit and paid the first two months’ rent. I should have received a warranty card, but instead I lost the money from my deposit, as well as the two months’ rent. The money was transferred to an account in another country. I contacted the accommodation agent and it subsequently emerged that this was a fraud.

    Can you advise me on what next steps I should take?



    Benefit concert to raise money for Ukrainian refugees

    “The Best of Film Music”

    OSTRAVA, Evangelical Church of Christ

    Date: 23rd of February 2024
    Address: Husovo náměstí 1188/4, 702 00 Ostrava
    Duration: 65 minutes
    Performer: Olomouc String Quartet

    To buy a ticket please visit official website of the event: https://www.moonlightimmersive.com/ostrava


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