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  • Fill the offer form of pro bono legal support.
  • We verify your credentials as a lawyer.
  • We give you access to our platform, instructions and quick training.
  • Via the platform you can pick a client from the list of demands for pro bono legal services.
How many cases do I have to take?2023-03-17T10:42:36+01:00

We leave it to your discretion as to how many pro bono legal cases you choose to take on, but we do expect a commitment to take on a number of cases based on your capabilities and expertise.

Who pays for administration fees?2023-03-17T10:43:22+01:00

The person seeking legal aid can cover them, or it can be covered by third parties. In extreme cases, please reach out to us, and we may be able to allocate funds from our budget to cover these costs.

What kind of legal cases are available?2023-03-17T10:44:07+01:00

Many of the requests come from the people facing difficult situations, such as obtaining visas and temporary protection, and processing residence permits, as well as challenges with labour law or other contractual obligations, business permits, children’s education, problems securing or paying for medical care, fraudulent acts, insolvencies, or other crisis situations with legal implications that they are unfortunately unable to resolve on their own.

What duties do I have after registration?2023-03-17T10:44:49+01:00

As a volunteer on our platform, you don’t have any specific duties or obligations. However, we encourage you to spend as much time as possible providing legal assistance to those in need. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and can make a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals.

Do I get support from platform during a case?2023-03-17T10:45:39+01:00

We operate a help-desk to provide support to our volunteers and people in need. You can reach us via phone or email during working hours for any assistance you may need.

I am not a lawyer. Can I still help?2023-03-17T10:46:33+01:00

We welcome and appreciate all kinds of help in expanding our services to other countries, finding donors and partners. If you are not a lawyer, but are passionate about our cause, please feel free to contact us at info@ua.support.

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