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About us

We link Ukrainian refugees requesting
legal help with appropriate lawyers.

In response to the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, an NGO, named Linking Help, in cooperation with AgiLawyer and the Czech law firm Holubová advokáti and COPS, has established UA.SUPPORT, an international pro bono platform that links Ukrainian refugees requesting legal help with appropriate lawyers.

We collect information on the related issues that can help
the refugees find their way when they arrive in a new country.

Within only a few months, more than 250 volunteer lawyers from over 30 countries joined the project to provide legal advice to many people. Our team receives hundreds of requests every week. As time goes by, more and more legal help is needed, so the numbers are constantly increasing.

Ukrainian refugees need legal aid concerning immigration, employment, schooling, healthcare, business development and other areas. We collect information on the related issues that can help the refugees find their way when they arrive in a new country.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place
for those who are suffering, helping them legally.

Our team created an international pro bono legal services platform called UA.SUPPORT, which links Ukrainian refugees in need with volunteer lawyers. The project embodies the best skills of the founders, combining law and IT solutions.

The platform was made with the help of artificial intelligence as a clever solution – a clearing house or online platform if you like. The visitor sees only the website’s form, but under this simple face is hidden the system, where all channels are brightly presented, and tasks are organized to flow and show the process. Lawyers always monitor received urgent issues, which allows them to work efficiently.

UA.SUPPORT is recognized by dozens of official institutions and step by step is turning into a tool for providing assistance to all those in need,
regardless of their country of origin.

Where we are discussed

Our story

February 2023

Partnering with ‘I CAN HELP HOST‘, which helps 5+ million people fleeing Ukraine to find safe shelter.

New partner, Lviv Regulatory Hub – a public startup that promotes change in local governments through analysis, advocacy and implementation based on effective decisions that are beneficial to all parties involved in the process: the business community, the authorities and the general public.

January 2023

Partnering with Helping to Leave, which assists Ukrainians with evacuation from war zones and occupied territories. They also provide humanitarian and medical aid.

November 2022

Partnership with europa.jobs – where Ukrainians can find new job (or to recruit talented new employees).

Presenting our UA.SUPPORT Project at Pro Bono Week in the UK.

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