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UA.SUPPORT is a platform where volunteer lawyers offer their help to people in need of legal assistance. Currently, the main focus is on people from Ukraine. The service is already active in 30+ mostly European countries, and it includes 250+ volunteers. We are already receiving approx. 150 requests for legal aid per week, and expect this number to grow as we more actively promote the service in additional countries. To see a video illustrating what we do at UA.SUPPORT, click here.

In order to scale up the platform to become a truly global pro bono solution that helps anyone in need (not necessarily from Ukraine), we would like to invite lawyers, law students, or law graduates to join. Ideally, we would like to fill the following two positions in each country where we operate. (You can find a list of countries where we operate on our website; however, we are open to expanding to other countries, as well.).

Who we are looking for now?

Help Desk trainee


  • working with the help-desk team
  • clearing (translating & clarifying) requests for legal aid, while being in touch with Ukrainians
  • research & analysis of legal information
  • formulating & answering FAQs
  • training volunteer lawyers in your country, and taking care of them


  • Law student
  • Able to distinguish that the requests for help are of a legal character
  • Native speaking Ukrainian, able to translate from Ukrainian/Russian to English and vice versa
  • Able to support lawyers while resolving specific legal aid requests (including participating on calls with Ukrainians and lawyers, if necessary).
  • Communication & organisational skills; creativity
  • Taking responsibility for your decisions


We believe this activity will enrich your CV by adding pro bono legal experience (we will provide you with a certificate attesting to your efforts), and will provide you with good connections to law firms and lawyers who may become your future employers. We can also provide you with a traineeship certificate. Plus, you will have the opportunity to work with friendly team that is open to new ideas.

Business development trainee


  • Working with the business development team at UA.SUPPORT
  • Responsible for contacting law firms in your region and encouraging them to join UA.SUPPORT
  • Helping us find contacts with bar associations, and other legal organisations in your area
  • Helping us promote our service to Ukrainian refugees, via marketing agencies, ministries and embassies, among others.


  • Law/Business student
  • English fluency
  • A communicative person, who is not afraid to cold call a lawyer/embassy/etc.
  • Able to write emails to all the parties involved (If necessary, we can support you with our sales mentor who can explain to you how to “sell” a service like this)


We believe that this activity will enrich your CV by adding pro bono legal experience; it will give you good connections to law firms and others involved in the legal sector; and you can learn sales skills that will come in handy in your future work. We can provide you a traineeship certificate. + a friendly work environment).


Have you any questions about the position?
If you are interested, please submit your CV to our colleague Kateryna.